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View Ports is a series of drawings taking the multi view experienced / found in CAD programs like Rhino 3D and Blender and using it to "see" the same scene from four different points of view at the same time.

Subject matter begins as 3D scans made of spaces and places here and there. Then point cloud data from these scans is fed into an algorithm and exported out as circles, lines and other polygons. Sets of points are then manually divided up into objects or surfaces that represent specific elements of the scene. Each set of points representing an object or surface is then broken up into two or three different color groups.

The resultant drawing is multi layered and diaphanous. Views of the scene are created from orthographic, perspective and isometric positions, and the respective colors are exported out to the plotter. Drawings are made using an Axi Draw plotting machine on 11 x 17 inch Bristol using archival marker pens.

When show in the gallery each drawing is framed and arranged in a grid format to mimic the views seen in software.