Artwork > The Space Between Us - Set 2

"The Space Between Us" was a simultaneous live performance between Turku, Finland and Brooklyn, USA produced and directed by Sebastian Ziegler and Mark Andreas of Videokaffe. The Space Between Us was performed by Kaisa Koulu and Chieh Hsiung.

"The Space Between Us" explores the impact of virtual and physical barriers in our global society from the human perspective. Through live-streamed projections, two dancers (one in Finland and one in Brooklyn) will share the same stage and perform together. The performance will be viewed by a physical audience in Brooklyn (following all safety guidelines) and virtually anywhere in the world through live streaming!

Working from recorded video of the performance Set 2 is made up from a suite of 14 algorithmic drawings using Grasshopper to develop an edge detection system to locate the performers and the sets amidst matrix of Voronoi cells that help to establish depth and space.

Exhibited - Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY