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The Courtroom Artist Residency Report by Public Collectors / Residencies #13 - 16 January, 2020

For this residency program, artists and creative workers are invited to observe approximately three hours of court proceedings with Marc Fischer of Public Collectors at Cook County Criminal Court on 2650 S. California in Chicago. Following court, he treats the resident to a meal at Taqueria El Milagro on 3050 West 26th street in Little Village, where they talk about their observations over lunch. Each residency lasts approximately six hours including transportation within Chicago, to and from court. Each residency is also accompanied by a $20.00 donation to the Chicago Community Bond Fund (the approximate value of two meals at Taqueria El Milagro).…

For duration of residency I made three drawings in situ at Court and then compiled the together to make a single composite drawing later on. This drawing serves as a memory of sorts of the three courtrooms.

It is currently available to buy all proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Community Bond Fund. The is a RISO edition of 50 prints. They are for sale at $20 each. All proceeds from this edition will also be donated to CCBF.