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impressions, apprehend, veracity, boundary, lifting, verso, doubt, first hand, network surface, apertures, facsimile, one step removed, first impressions, tessellation, uncanny, captured, evidence, deep time, second hand, apprehension, sight, opposites

knowing, interior, double up, emboss, metrology, lifted, desiccated, lens, depth of field, simile, camouflaged, encoded, truth, frozen, impress, known, fact, second, perimeter, network, mimesis, simulacra, fiction, cipher, décor, heraldry, location, side, empirical, fragments, one to one, deconstruction, outside, numbers, positions, shelter

map, scale, menhir, standing stone, observed, experienced, written, sensation, stroked, trodden, tasted, inhaled, felt, real, false, moments, absence, shorn, sharpened, credibility, material witness, materiel witness, represent, present, presence