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Up, throughout,
a loosening,
put, into a whole
digital video

A video in three parts. First an analysis and apprehension of the DEMO Project structure, a residential house in Springfield IL. The camera zooms in and out to reveal and contextualize individual elements of the building.

Second. Individual fragments are rotating on multiple axes. Floating in the void they slowly tumble. Images from the DEMO Project exhibition archive are superimposed on their surfaces. This inclusion is intended to make the history of the house as an exhibition space evident and celebrate these projects it has given rise to.

Analysis is a breaking apart into fragments in order to better apprehend. From this process of unpacking synthesis brings the parts back together into a new whole. Accordingly the third section begins with the screen fading to black and from the top of the frame fragments from the house fall. The frequency increases to a deluge before returning to nothing.


- Permeable Boundaries, Plexus Projects, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2018
- The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art, CICA Museum, CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 2018
- Opposites Attract, DEMO Project, Springfield, IL, USA, 2017.