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Looping, repeating, and doubling are ideas I frequently return to. Repetitive loops reinforce the construction of vision as vision. Camera systems and the images they produce are seen by the viewer, who in turn is observed by the cameras and apprehended by the work. In this fashion viewers see themselves being seen being seen. Being present with the work tells us what we see happening is real. The event image feedback loop is a form of veracity.

Multiplicity of viewpoints and outcomes is a strategy for the comparative study of perceptual phenomena. An array of eight fixed-vision camera systems enables visitors to see themselves seeing themselves. "Outside In" engages with the nature of vision mediated through technology while relying on the cognitive work of viewers to decipher their experience.

Media theorist Vilém Flusser writes about "seeing machines," an idea that they locate within a larger context they refer to as the "apparatus." For Flusser, the camera is an apparatus and the photographer a functionary who operates it. These tools enable the production of "technical images" that inform culture from culture and from nature.

Observation of the subject is central to this process of transformation, which apprehends the real, fixes it in time, and locates it within the frame. "Outside In" is a seeing machine. It enables viewers to produce and experience the presence of their image, to see themselves and the space they occupy from multiple points of view.