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Tom Burtonwood, Correspond Dance, #2
Correspond Dance, #2
Pigment ink on bristol
17 x 11

Correspond Dance

Send me an image and I'll make you a work of art on my drawing machine.

To correspond is to write, send, mail and ship. To exchange and to receive. A dance. Correspond-dance. Send me your images and I'll send you an art work in return.

I’m interested in learning how to make images
I’m interested in how we see - how we deduce - how we process images
I’m interested in computationally produced imagery
I’m interested in working with new subject matter
I’m interested in collaborating with people
I’m interested in how we read images, the cues needed to see


30% of the sale price will be given to the Movement for Black Lives

The first color is $25. Each additional color is $20.

A four color CMYK drawing would be $85 plus shipping.

Each version of your image will be drawn on top of each other in pigmented ink on paper. The image will be no smaller than 6 x 9 inches and no bigger than 11 x 17 inches. The outcome will be mailed to you in a sturdy mailer.

Buyer accepts that the artist is not making a 1:1 representation of the original image, nor is this a commissioned work. The buyer also accepts that it is entirely possible the final image will bear no discernible relation to the original input.