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Poetics of Space is a series of daily drawings made using stills from a live camera feed. The title of the series is a nod to French philospher Gaston Bachelard, who book "The Poetics of Space" asks the reader to meditate upon the quotidian spaces that we occupy on a daily basis and find poetry in the corners, drawers and staircases around us. In this series the camera will be positioned to apprehend a section of interior space around my home.

The first drawings are a view from the top of the stairs looking down and around the corner. A window parallel to the camera beckons the viewer to look outside. This first set of drawings will be based on images apprehended early in the morning when the light coming in from the window is typically quite strong.

The images are constructed in Grasshopper using an algorithm that shifts horizontal lines up and down based on the light / dark values of the pixels present in the image. This effect suggests interlacing and rasterization.

The drawings are made on an Axi Draw using archival ink.