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Bullion Difference was made for the Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair held at Elastic Arts in Logan Square. I made a number of 3D scans at the Elastic Arts space becoming moderately obsessed with the surface of the “sound board” I discovered on the underneath of a baby grand piano in the space. The best way i can describe it is that my memory of the object and the object itself are radically different but that the scan is situated somewhere in the middle of these two poles.

The title of the work resulting work is Bullion Difference – which is a bit of a 3D modeling joke – that refers to the boolean difference of subtracting one piece of geometry from another. In my minds eye the soundboard was a bright, specular, golden object. In reality the soundboard is wood. The title makes reference to this discrepancy between what i thought i knew and what the thing actually might be.

Bullion Difference consisted of four different pieces. Two different unique hydrocal reliefs pulled from CNC milled foam molds. An open edition of three CNC milled foam relief / objects, and limited edition of 2D Riso prints


Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL.