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Worf: There is this theory of the moebius - a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop...

When the Coronavirus / Covid 19 pandemic and ensuing lock down began I started making computationally driven, algorithmic drawings of donuts. The images are generated using Rhino / Grasshopper and drawn using an Axidraw plotter.

I am testing cognitive interpretation when the viewer is supplied with an image that is understood or familiar. How much information is needed to read the "donut." How does color, geometry and proximity of mark affect our reading of the image.

The donut is a torus. A geometric form with no beginning and no end. It seems like a very apt subject to study during pandemic lock down.

Each drawing is offered for sale at $20 per color / plot plus shipping. Individual image pages list number of colors / plots per image. 35% of sale price will be donated to Movement for Black Lives.