Color Study Book

Composition 2 is a series of 100 paintings produced sequentially, each one created on an identical matrix. The geometric composition is conceptually equivalent to the source code one might use in a computer program or web site. An identical visual framework is deployed to create many variations through simple modulations of hue and saturation. From a process of repetition and experimentation the phenomena of color is revealed to the viewer through many different outcomes.
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    Published by Tom Burtonwood and What It Is
  • Catalogue design by Tom Burtonwood and What It Is
  • Photography credits: Tom Burtonwood
  • Essay by Patrick Lichty
  • Version 2.0

This catalogue is partially funded by an Individual Artist Support Initiative grant from the Illinois Arts Council.Thank you to
Encarnacion Teruel and everyone at IAC for their assistance.

Thank you to Jessica Cochran and the Center for Book and Paper at Columbia College Chicago for all their support with this
publication and concurrent exhibition.

Thank you to my parents Neil & Jean Burtonwood, Holly Holmes, Matt + Verity, Dawoud Bey, David Blackburn, Gretel Garcia Cuba, Connie Gillock, Sarah Guernsey & Richard Holland, Joyce & Kenneth Holmes, Christopher Holmes, R. James Healy, Barbara Kasten, Jeremiah Ketner, Paul Klein, Troy Klyber, Patrick Lichty, Sabina Ott, Rachel Perrine, Andrew Rigsby, Holly Sabin, Anthony & Andrea Vizarri and everyone who “liked” the color studies on Facebook, commented on them or added one (or more) to their collection IRL (in real life).