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Folium featured on Boing Boing

Folium is featured on Boing Boing – thanks Cory!

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World Maker Faire New York

Holly and I will be exhibiting at World Maker Faire in New York this coming weekend, Sept 20 + 21. We’re giving everyone a sneak peak of our…

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New Media Caucus CAA Edition

Earlier in the year Rachel Clarke and I co-chaired “A 3D Printing Panel and Roundtable Discussion,” for the New Media Caucus at the College Art Association conference in…

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Chicago Gallery News

Earlier in the summer i spoke to Erin Benator from the Chicago Gallery News for a piece she was writing on 3D Printing and Art. I talked a…

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Medium Cool

I’ll be exhibiting tomorrow at Medium Cool, art book fair, in Chicago at Prairie Production in the West Loop. On display will be my new 3D printed book…

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AIC Artist in Residence: Open Studio

My Artist in Residence at The Art Institute of Chicago is rapidly wrapping up. I’ll be hosting an Open Studio for the final four days starting Weds 13th…

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Make Magazine 3D Printer Testing Shootout

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited back and attend the Make Magazine 3D Printer Testing Shootout. We were hosted by the wonderful folks at…

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Medium and the Message

To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan 3D Printing is The Medium AND the Message 3D Printers are memes, the are self replicating viral cultural products are made, remade, iterated and…

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AIC Studio, Day 42

AIC Studio, Day 42 (the meaning of life, the universe and everything) – Time is now officially flying by. I hate getting behind in posting. This last two…

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Museopunks Podcast

Museopunks #17 is out with interviews with Liz Neely and myself about 3D printing, digital fabrication and how all this technology effects museums and the possibilities for engagement,…

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The Mighty Midwest presents: Tom Burtonwood

Earlier in the year when we were still beset with snow and ice, Ali Wunderman and Bilal Ghalib from Autodesk / Instructables came through Chicago to check out our…

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One for the Books: The UCSB Current

“A book, to me, is something which is shared, lent, borrowed — and the most obvious way to do that seemed to be to put the files online,”…

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Radical Publishing Symposium: Building a Platform

The “Radical Publishing” symposium was really great –  presentations included: Meg Mitchell about the Open Source Seed Initiative and her “Rain/fall” interactive artist’s book and ipad app;” Abraham Avnison: talking about “Sic: Deletions…

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AIC Studio, printrbot down

AIC Studio, Day 28. It started innocently enough. Prepped the Big Z for a fairly epic 200mm tall looping, spiraling form that i designed in Rhino last night….

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Barbe House Terra-cotta by Louis H. Sullivan

AIC Studio, day 22. Today, Tim Samuelson and I published the first of our 3D scans taken from the work of renowned architect and “father of modernism” Louis H….

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AIC Studio, day 16: Decorative Leaf

AIC Studio, day 16. Another day of really cool conversations. Thanks to everyone who took time to pop in today. Also found time to work on what i’m…

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AIC Studio, day 14

Definite progress today. As you can see Lee, Opel and I got the Prusa moving today – literally, next step is to crank out some plastic and get…

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Featured in the Chicago Tribune

Big thank you to the Tribune’s John Carpenter who interviewed me for this piece in today’s business section of the Chicago Tribune.  

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AIC Studio: Day 13

I guess i missed a couple of days last week. Friday + Saturday’s workshops were fairly intense and let’s face it there was the footie too. So this…

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Studio Post: Day 9, Two Steps Fwd…

The time is flying by. Soon it will be July. gulp! Today was one of those days where’s it like – wha’ happened? Some really productive conversations, meetings…

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Blue Sky Innovation, Chicago: City of Makers

Last week I sat down with John Carpenter from the Chicago Tribune in my studio at The Art Institute of Chicago. We had a great conversation and he…

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AIC Studio: Day 7, offsite (mostly)

Fairly productive day today, but didn’t spend much of it in the studio really. I popped into Ceramics at SAIC to touch base with Ben, and then went…

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AIC Studio: Day 5, Busy busy

Busy day. zomg. First a photo shoot with folks from the Tribune, then an epic hour long phone battle with a to be unnamed health insurance provider (my…

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Studio Post: Day Four, live streaming, gremlins, etc

Oooops! Missed a day. Well i did post photos and timelapse videos to tumblr so that counts in my book. Anyhow yesterday everything went wrong. Today the printrbot was *still*…

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Studio post, day two: Ceramic Extrusion

Since I started working in 3D printing i’ve been wanting to fabricate objects in ceramic and other materials. Last year Holly and I visited the Solheim Additive Manufacturing…

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Setting up my studio at The Art Institute of Chicago

Summer is here and with it a new chapter in my Artist-in-Residence in the Ryan Education Center at the Art Institute of Chicago. Starting June 1st (yesterday) I…

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Pecha Kucha NEXT –> Chicago : City of Big Data

I’m presenting tonight at a special Pecha Kucha at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, NEXT –> Chicago : City of Big Data. I’m going to be briefly talking about…

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Orihon (Accordion Book)

Autodesk exhibits Orihon at Maker Faire Bay Area

Autodesk is exhibiting my 3D printed book  “Orihon – Accordion Book” at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend. If you are in the Bay Area please come and check…

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Chicago Hardware Startup Meetup

Tonight I delivered a short presentation about my work for the Chicago Hardware Startup Meetup hosted by Proof X at ThoughtWorks. I was joined by Peter Zelchenko from…

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New 3D Scans from the Art Institute

Went on a bit of a tear today uploading scans to Thingiverse from my activities at The Art Institute of Chicago over the last couple of months. I…

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