Twenty Something Sullivan

TWENTY SOMETHING SULLIVAN Architectural Ornament 1881 – 1885 by Tom Burtonwood and Tim Samuelson Louis H. Sullivan is often celebrated as a father of modern architecture. But if…

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Future Biometrics

Future Biometrics is a poem by Jillian Weise first published in the March 2015 issue of Poetry ( ) and presented here as a 3D printed broadside….

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Folium, 3D printed book

UPDATE: 09/14/14 3D Printed Book of Bas Relief from The Art Institute of Chicago by Tom Burtonwood. Folium is released under the following Creative Commons License Folium…

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Orihon, 3D Printed Book

  “Perhaps no other book in this exhibition suggests the vastness of the photobook’s future so much as Tom Burtonwood’s Orihon, a 3D-printed accordion-fold volume containing scans of…

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