Infinite Editions 3D printer. A machine that makes as many copies of one thing as possible.

Infinite Editions: The Great Wave.

The Infinite Edition printer is not like a normal 3D printer. It has been designed specifically to print one file, and one file only. In this fashion it…

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Made For You: New Directions in Contemporary Design

Curated by Jennifer Scanlan February 6 – July 10, 2016 Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz Morgan Anderson and Corridor Galleries Opening reception Saturday, February 6,…

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Sculpture On a Stick

Fine art and candy collectibles have been a part of my oeuvre for some time. Today I am happy to release a new series, “Sculpture On a Stick…

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Future Biometrics

Future Biometrics is a poem by Jillian Weise first published in the March 2015 issue of Poetry ( ) and presented here as a 3D printed broadside….

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New Museum Store stocks Rmutt Candy Dispenser

In collaboration with Fuse Works I am pleased to announce that Rmutt Candy Dispenser is now available for sale from the New Museum Store. The ultimate ready made “Rmutt Candy…

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Acre TV

“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” Acre TV 12/06 – 12/12/14 Watching a 3d printer at work elicits a hypnotic response amongst people. Drawn to the alchemical event in…

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Medium and the Message

To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan 3D Printing is The Medium AND the Message 3D Printers are memes, the are self replicating viral cultural products are made, remade, iterated and…

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Folium, 3D printed book

UPDATE: 09/14/14 3D Printed Book of Bas Relief from The Art Institute of Chicago by Tom Burtonwood. Folium is released under the following Creative Commons License Folium…

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The Rabbit in the Hat Trick

Rabbit In The Hat Trick, 2014 3D Printed Plastic Dimensions vary Edition: 10 Available from Fuse Works. “The Rabbit In The Hat Trick” is a 3D Printed series…

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New 3D Scans from the Art Institute

Went on a bit of a tear today uploading scans to Thingiverse from my activities at The Art Institute of Chicago over the last couple of months. I…

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Candy Dispenser Sphere

Candy Dispenser Sphere, 2014, 3D Printed PLA and Mixed Media Download the STL files from Thingiverse here: Exhibited at Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn, Firecat Projects in Chicago…

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New Museum

New Museum, 2014 3D Printed PLA Plastic Exhibited at Firecat Projects, Chicago and in the Ryan Education Center at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL   Includes…

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Copy Shop

“Copy Shop” is a novel take on the photocopying businesses that helped to pioneer the desktop publishing revolution of the late 90’s. At Firecat Projects in January 2014, Holly…

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Dialogues on the New Plastic

For our exhibition “Dialogues on the New Plastic” at Firecat Projects we offered a USB stick with STL files from the entire show for sale. The USB sticks…

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Contemporary Modern Art (after Arp & Tatlin)

Open source art. Waste Not Want Not. Send me your rafts! My newest “connector” piece. Not for ther raftless purists nor the supportless supporters ;) With the advent…

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Endless Column (After Brancusi)

Endless Column (After Brancusi), 2014 3D Printed PLA Exhibited at BHQFU, Brooklyn, NY and Firecat Projects, Chicago, IL  

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Orihon (3D printed book)

Orihon (3D Printed Accordion Book)

I have been thinking for some time how it would be nice to produce a 3d printed book of textures and reliefs. To publish and distribute all the…

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Orihon, 3D Printed Book

  “Perhaps no other book in this exhibition suggests the vastness of the photobook’s future so much as Tom Burtonwood’s Orihon, a 3D-printed accordion-fold volume containing scans of…

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Rmutt 2.0, ABS Plastic and pigmented wax inlay, 2013

Rmutt 2.0

Available from Fuseworks, derived from a 3D model by Eagleapex.

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Rmutt Candy Dispenser, ltd edition of 50

This is a mashup of tbusers PEZ Dispenser Insert and Eagleapex urinal. Rmutt Candy Dispenser 3D printed in PLA Plastic Limited Edition of 50 $40.00 each Click here…

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Two Heads are Better than One, for Industry of the Ordinary Portrait Project

Two Heads are Better Than One, IOTO, Chicago Cultural Center, 08/17/12 – 02/17/13

Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson) are having a mid-career retrospective, Industry of the Ordinary: 2003–2013, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi in the main exhibition hall…

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Ogre Puppy

Ogre Puppy

Ogre Puppy, Extruded ABS plastic, 2012 Collage of the Mastiff and Ogre Head both scanned at the Art Institute of Chicago. This is a derivative work combining the…

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Artic Lion

Lion, Art Institute of Chicago

Two lions stand guard outside the Art Institute of Chicago. This is the one on the north side of the building, or on the left if you are…

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